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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Box scores: My Big Fat Black Sermon

This weekend's estimates at Box Office Mojo.

Big winner: Diary of a Mad Black Woman, $22.7M (1483 theaters.) Religion sells: film fest programmers have known for ages that they can't go wrong by booking Buddhist movies, so why shouldn't the same hold true for Christian movies (Crix flix)? Meanwhile, critics who put up with all kinds of Zen bull shriek at any hint of Jesus. Nevertheless, as a supporter of universalist filmmaking, I take this latest success as a bad omen for the years to come. I still might see it - I've no doubt it's a mess, but so was Sweet Sweetback. Here's Matt Zoller Seitz's review; hopefully Armond will have something to add.

Big loser: Cursed, $9.6M (2805 theaters.) Don't release a horror movie in late February. Fanboys have already had to stay awake through Hide and Seek, Alone in the Dark and Boogieman (not to mention Constantine;) the market can only take so much bad horror. Christina Ricci might be a draw for the indie kids, but they ain't your target audience here.


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