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Sunday, April 10, 2005

Box scores: The drawing power of Matthew McConaughey?

Weekend winner: Sahara, $18.5M (3,154 theaters.) Just 'cuz I'm surprised anyone at all watched the damned thing, even given the incessant promotion. Still, it's got a long way to go to meet its $130M cost.

Also of note: Kung Fu Hustle, $290,000 on 7 screens. Watch this space.

Weekend loser: Robots, $4.7M (2,713 theaters.) CG animation is supposed to be a licence to print money - they have a long shelf life in theaters, and the DVDs and tie-in all bring the moolah in. But it's not a good sign when Robots is under $5M in its fifth week - the movie is already in the black, but it's a sign the novelty of CG is wearing off. If Fox has to compete against Pixar and Dreamworks, as opposed to riding their coattails, it'll get creamed.


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