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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Too much too soon

PFA schedule for May and June: Man, that's a lot of Kieslowski. I've only seen Blue, which I enjoyed despite the claims that it was a genius's evocation of the New Europe (I thought it was about a sad woman). They're offering a Decalogue pass to all ten parts of that work, not an opportunity I can turn down.


Here's your Cannes lineup. A lot of Big Names in competition: Almodovar, Linklater, Loach, S. Coppola, Kaurismaki. Most intriguing is Donnie Darko director Richard Kelly's Southland Tales, starring The Rock as "Boxer Santaros/Jericho Kane", also featuring Stiffler, Buffy, Mandy Moore and a ton of star cameos. Bad sign: it's two and a half hours.


  • At 8:41 AM, Anonymous Mohit Sabharwal said…

    I recommend Double Lives, Second Chances by Annette Insdorf. It makes a perfect companion to this retrospective. It does not read like some academic deconstruction of Kieslowski's films, rather it is an inquisitive diary (a well edited one) of his works by an enduring admirer, that is clinical and detailed enough to be amazingly insightful.


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