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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Lifeblog: What B. is thinking about when he isn't thinking about what he should be thinking about

"Thomson’s Kidman is a happy narcissist who loves the camera." Pix on linked page show the love is not only mutual, it's increased over the years -- how many actresses even get a chance to see if they look better over 30? But as Armond White said, "Some people want Nicole Kidman to be for English-language films what Jeanne Moreau and Catherine Deneuve were for French cinema. Trouble is, Kidman keeps choosing bad scripts."

Castro Valley boy Cliff Burton got crushed by a bus twenty years ago today. I don't approve of bass leads outside of free jazz (and even in that genre only sparingly), but Metallica never got better than Master of Puppets, so play "Orion" for him.

"I would put my name in a Google site and see what came up and often it was very hurtful." First result when Googling Emilio Estevez: his IMDb listing. Three Mighty Ducks movies? I can see why that would hurt. (And I didn't even mention Maximum Overdrive.)

While we're Googling -- what people love lately: I love this party. I love New York for all of her larger than life fabulousness. I love Toronto, dammmit. I love my big pants. I love being able to hit somebody. I love working with kids. I love Hindi movies. I love Mel B. I love it when a young couple comes in for a permit to fix up the house they just bought in East Braintree. I love banned books. I love most stories with happy endings. I love Sevierville. I love it when the ball's in my hands. I love LA. I love Lucy. I love Poland. I love you, Judge Judy. Me, I merely like this poem.


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