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Monday, April 09, 2007

"Jamaican Style (remix)"

I bought Easter Sunday lunch at the Brazil Cafe, getting the tri-tip sandwich and a not-fresh mango smoothie for seven bucks. I wish they used better bread, but it's what's inside that matters. I have new-found respect for the tri-tip as a genuinely good cut of meat. Pedro makes the meat tender enough without cooking all the taste out of it, which, combined with the garlic sauce and the general funkiness of his shack, makes the place worth a visit.

Other meals of interest: as a tribute to the Cricket World Cup, endlessly ongoing in the Caribbean, I made jerk chicken. Powered by three-quarters of a jalapeno, instead of the recommended habanero, it didn't turn out spicy; instead, it had a feeble tanginess, much like New Zealand's victory over Ireland today... Yesterday I threw my leftover asparagus butts into a black bean soup. My efficiency was rewarded, with most of the butts boiled into submissive edibility and only a few having to be spat out. Plus it was spicy... Top Dog: still good.

Coming: how long would you wait for a really good sandwich? And do I have favism? (If I die of anaemia tonight, assume I do.)

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