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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Summertime in the SLC, part 4

These conferences are useful for reminding me that outside of Berkeley, there sure are a lot of Bayes fans around. I'd like Bayesianism better if they weren't trying to making everything quasi-objective: that just replaces an arbitrary set of rules with another arbitrary set of rules (that sometimes works better). Anyway, the dichotomy is kinda beside the point: nonparametrics are the future!

Coffee Garden

Attractively located inside Sam Weller's (Zion) Books, this branch of Coffee Garden became part of my morning routine. (You didn't expect me to survive on free hotel coffee, did you?) They always have light and dark roasts available, and the dark roast always had some body to it. Muffins, slices etc. are variable in quality but always are edible. Wireless too, I think.

House of Kabob

Kebabs are Persian style. Had a jujeh kebab: a big strip of marinated chicken breast cooked on a skewer. Nicely cooked, nicely spiced. Good tomatoes, onion and rice as well, at a reasonable price. Nothing original, but executed flawlessly.

Greek Souvlaki

Had the standard gyro. It's limited by the ingredient quality: the meat, a beef/lamb blend, is pressed sausagy stuff. The pita seemed fresh and the red sauce was nice. Came with rice, which was a little stocky for me, and I like stocky. Decent place, suspect there are better gyros in this town.

The Bakery

Huge selection, mostly old school sweets. Only thing I tried was a big $2.50 almond croissant. Reasonable dough, generous with the nuts, if overglazed. Call this place a subject for further research.


Went back to Chanon Thai for beef gang panang. Still overcooked. Still great.


RIP M. Antonioni. Even though I only love one movie of his, it's really, really great.

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