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Tuesday, February 19, 2008


No Country for Old Men (Coen Brothers, USA, 2007): A first-rate chase movie until the Coens decide to pander to the crowd that mistakes bleakness for depth (insert swing at Cormac McCarthy readers here). And then you get the crazy cat guy giving the "yes, this really is no country for old(-fashioned) men" speech, and even that's unembarrassing compared to the dreaming-about-daddy closer Tommy Lee Jones has to spout. Before then, we get some excellent button-pushing suspense and Javier Bardem doing the Two-Face gimmick justice. B PLUS

Gone Baby Gone (Ben Affleck, USA, 2007): To turn a Straightforward Choice into a Moral Dilemma, the deck has to be stacked: not only is choosing the Wrong Side made the more elegant solution, choosing the Right Side will lead to Loss of Pussy. But credit Ben Affleck for holding together the implausible narrative for that long, and brother Casey for having the humility to play the lead like a sidekick.B

Jumper (Doug Liman, USA, 2008): To make us feel for a guy with superpowers who doesn't even consider saving people in a flood would require more than Hayden Christensen can offer. Maybe not more than Rachel Bilson can offer, but she's granted no great power and no great responsibility. C

Ridiculousest haircut of the week (just edging out Bardem):



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