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Monday, April 11, 2005

Eros: The hand of fate

"Eros" (Wong Kar-wai): Brave little tailor Chang Chen arrives at the apartment of courtesan Gong Li, whom Wong keeps out of our sight for an age. After dealing with a client, she notices the tailor's arousal; she commands him to drophis trousers, proceeding to give him “cinema's most romantic (offscreen) hand job” (Michael Atkinson.) Chang then spends years making sparkly dresses for her, while she declines from swank entertainer to common hooker. It isn't quite top-notch Wong, partly because it isn't top-notch Chris Doyle (we saw all these mirror shots in In the Mood for Love, Cap'n,) but it owns the succeeding entries.

"Equilibrium" (Steven Soderbergh): Robert Downey Jr. rules as a twitchy marketer blue-dreaming of a bathing beauty. But if you thought Ocean's Twelve was trivial...

"Ruby Jubilee of a Shark-Jumping" (Michelangelo Antonioni): Got boobs?


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