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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The Aristocrats: Shit stirrers [movie note]

Directed by Paul Provenza

To elevate a gross-out joke to boffo status, the teller must either remain poker-faced even after the punchline, or else launch himself or herself wildly over the top. Here, of those who are genuinely offensive or disturbing, only Eric Cartman has a sufficiently dead-on deadpan, and only Gilbert Gottfried (yes really, the first version more than the roast) is sufficiently nuts. But most of the time I'm thinking what Chris Rock must've been thinking: why are all these white folks laughing? Or maybe it's age: the BFG9000 and Mr. Hankey have raised the stakes for my generation (bestiality, shit-eating - yawn, although shit-drinking...) It's good to know we live in a world where this movie can be made, but that doesn't mean I ever want to see it again.


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