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Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Everybody else is doing it--ten actors/actresses sorely underrated, in the sense that it's criminal they've never been nominated for an Oscar:

Paul Giamatti--even more for American Splendor than for Sideways.
Eugene Levy--would be the greatest of all comedians if Christopher Guest made every movie.
Tony Leung--Infernal Affairs proves he can roll without WKW.
Bernie Mac--suddenly revealed himself to be an actor in Mr. 3000, but only Slate's Movie Club noticed.
Mathieu Amalric--prevents Arnaud Desplechin's whirligigs from falling apart, sometimes.
Maggie Cheung--imagine if Nicole Kidman could discriminate between good and bad scripts.
Julie Delpy--so much better now Ethan Hawke doesn't need to be carried.
Tilda Swinton--that was all Jarmusch could give give her in Broken Flowers?
Charlotte Gainsbourg--needs to find a better occupation than saving her husband's misconceived flicks.
Just about every black actress, but let's start with Regina King--unless Oprah buys Hollywood, playing Huey in "The Boondocks" (!) is probably the best lead she'll ever get.

Most overrated? Jude Law (has impressed when working for greats Spielberg and Scorsese, has stunk otherwise) and Natalie Portman (at least Jude's best movie isn't Cold Mountain).


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