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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Oscar quick reax

List here.
  • Good Night has good luck, Walk the Line gets served
  • Matt Dillon gets the Crash nom that I thought would go to Terrence Howard, but Howard won't be upset
  • If you told me a year ago Keira Knightley would get a Best Actress nom, I wouldn't have been surprised. If you told me I wouldn't be upset, I'd be astonished.
  • Final prediction score: an abysmal 2/40 (no Maria Bello? Bastards.)
  • You know the highlight's gonna be the performance of "It's Hard Out There for a Pimp". Let Taraji sing!

Probably accurate predictions!
Picture - Brokeback
Director - Ang
Actress - Reese
Actor - Close: PSH has the lead but Mumbly Joe might get swept in with Brokeback fever
Supp. actress - Weisz
Supp. actor - Wide open, but you know the Academy wants to give Clooney something
Screenplay - Crash or Good Night (coinflip)
Adaptation - Brokeback
Foreign - Joyeux Noel (inspirational!)
Doc - Penguins
Toon - Wallace & Gromit


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