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Monday, February 20, 2006

Hey, a real freedom of speech issue

Not that David Irving isn't a pigfucker, but three years jail for 17-year-old comments he's recanted? Every case like this gives justification to corrupt administrations placing further restrictions on civil liberties.

ADDENDUM: Yes, I'm well aware there's a more serious Austrian assault on civil liberties much nearer where I am.

(To recap: Morales pleaded guilty; the only reason he was sentenced to death was because one witness said that Morales told him in Spanish that he didn't really repent, but Morales doesn't speak Spanish; and the presiding judge over his sentencing has said the death sentence was wrongly applied. If ever there was a case for clemency, it was this one, and yet Morales is still alive only because the meds weren't sure they could put him down without unbearable pain.)


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