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Monday, April 24, 2006

SFIFF '06~!: Gubra [festival note]

Malaysia, 2006
Starring Sharifah Amani, Harith Iskander, Nam Ron, Alan Yun
Written and directed by Yasmin Ahmad

Lots of schtick, which the audience seemed to like. If you think hysterical relatives are hysterical, or you enjoy the odd moderately risque joke about a Chinese nurse's circumcision, you might like this more than I did. And I did like it to some extent, for the way it illustrated the differences between two long-married couples, the happier of which is seen idyllically sharing a hospital bed. The other pairing is more strained: the husband edges his hand away from that of his wife; noticing that he's upset her, he reaches back over to her. There's also a compelling scene where a cleric quietly persuades an indebted burglar threatened with disfigurement to return a stolen purse. None of this is particularly believable, but it's nice; some of the emotional and physical violence that invades the story at the end is neither.


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