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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Greatest hits! [an indulgence]

Because I'm too busy absorbing the new Five Plays Free! version of Napster to write anything substantial, and since this is my 250th post, and since none of you have been reading me from the beginning (since I didn't, you know, tell anyone), it's clip show time. Can't say there was an embarassment of riches to choose from; looking back, it appears most of the time my ideas are half-baked but the writing is clever. (This is pretty common among good music bloggers, but with most good movie bloggers it's the other way around. Both groups have their priorities correct; discuss.) So here are a couple of posts with fully baked ideas, plus three with almost baked ones that I dressed up particularly nicely.

Me and You and Everyone We Know (18th May 2005): This does seem to be one of those movies that weakens as time passes from the time you saw it. But that wasn't an issue when I wrote this, and it was the first post in which I really conveyed my enthusiasm for a film. In other words, the writing's gush, but it's good gush.

Last Days (31st October 2005): Includes screenshot of wet boxer shorts clinging to Michael Pitt's ass. Was there another reason to see that movie?

Crash (8th February 2006): Really obviously not the best movie of the year. Really obviously not the worst movie of the year. I still think I nailed the text better than anyone besides Dave Kehr. (Foundas's reply here.)

The year in music, in rhyming couplets (20th February 2006): I would've been able to say I was robbed of two Pulitzers (criticism and poetry), if only all my subjects and verbs had agreed.

South Park: Cartoon Wars (6th April 2006):
I saw immediately that this was a major media event and a major work of art. And then Comedy Central pussed out. (The new issue of Harper's doesn't puss out, but despite some clever commentary from Art Spiegelman it's not the same.)

I've a hunch that Go-Betweens requiem from a couple of weeks back might be the best thing I've ever written, but that might still be the grief talking.


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