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Friday, October 27, 2006

California ballot measure endorsements

NO ON 83: Sex offender monitoring
This is a particularly stupid measure that looks likely to pass because all parties feel they have to support it to appear tough on crime. Effectively, it bans sex offenders from living in cities, meaning rural kids have to absorb the risk. But don't worry, the ex-cons will be tied to a multi-million dollar GPS system, which are somehow supposed to prevent re-offending.

YES ON 84: Water and parks

HELL NO ON 85: Pregnancy notification

YES ON 86: Cigarette tax for healthcare funding
It wouldn't be my tax of choice, but healthcare is woefully underfunded. The Chronicle argued that the initiative wouldn't take in that much money because people would stop smoking. Isn't that the point?

YES ON 87: Oil tax for alternative energy research
More Chronicle illogic: Vote no because gas prices will go up, and besides, it's good for alternative energy if gas prices go up. Uh, agreed, except for the "vote no" part.

YES ON 88: Parcel tax for education
More Chronicle disingenuity: Vote no because it isn't much money. Hey, if $470 million is so little to you, why don't you give it to the state?

YES ON 89: Campaign finance reform
This clean money prop is perhaps the most important measure on the ballot, so don't take my word for it, watch the official Yes on 89 rap video:

Currently, if you're not on the side of money, this is the kind of crap you have to stoop to. Vote yes so liberal causes can afford guest spots from Lyrics Born, though maybe not Jay-Z.

NO ON 90: Eminent domain restrictions
This would make government acquisition of land outside of an extremely narrow range of uses exponentially more expensive. More than that, landowners would have grounds to sue over as little as an adjusted rent control or a zoning change. Vote no if you have even a passing concern about the environment.

EH ON 1A-1E: Bonds and funding protection


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