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Monday, February 19, 2007

Probably related: the New Zealand cricket team is winning for once

Unfortunately, and for no obvious reason, I've been too happy all weekend, which made it too hard for me to sit through all 450 miserable minutes of Satantango. I should note that the 4.5 hours I stayed for were pretty, uh, entertaining, especially if one emphathises with drunk scenes.

Aside: why is it that when I'm too happy, I go back to my favourite Eighties singles -- "That's the Joint", "Time Will Reveal", "He Stopped Loving Her Today", "Bring the Noise", "Temptation", a few dozen others? It's not like these are all happy songs: he stopped loving her today because he died. And it's not exactly nostalgia -- I'd never heard any of these until at least the late Nineties.

ADDENDUM: Note that yesterday I saw Children of Men, another mostly pessimistic movie, and loved it -- the action scenes are great enough to overcome the lack of story. My mood certainly helped me to believe in the disbelievable Spielberg Moment.


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