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Monday, April 16, 2007

Notable edibles

- Added to my cooking repertoire: fennel (which I messed up: I wanted to braise it but putting in too much liquid and boiled it to death) and sorrel (had been looking for this for ages, finally found some at the Farmers Market, made a gratin with inappropriate potatoes but oh my, loved the sorrel. It looks like a vegetable but tastes like fruit!)
- Second best sandwich of the week: the roasted vegetable focaccia from Gregoire. Third best sandwich of the week: the tuna salad at Espresso Experience. F'wack says it doesn't count as a real Espresso Experience unless I have a hot sandwich, so next time.
- Liked the couple of Pizza Rustica slices, the Ambrosia (sun-dried tomatoes, artichokes hearts) and the Prosciutto I think) I had at the Conga Lounge. Loved the $5 happy hour Mai Tais.
- Head-to-head: In-N-Out's burger is still absurdly good value. The burger I had at the Red Onion on San Pablo near the El Cerrito del Norte BART was better, but it was like four bucks. Still, it was big enough so that I wasn't hungry during the ten hours of Winning Eleven and Tekken Tag that followed at G-Rock and Ram's.
- Props to Ram for his egg white omelette the next morning.

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  • At 7:48 AM, Blogger athousandmilesthinking said…

    Aiyah, not the ol' inappropriate potato post-bake reveal... Sorrel is good with lamb too I hear.
    Have never braised a fennel bulb - but do like it in the faithful roasting pan, or very thinly sliced in salad.
    On the traditionalist tip, I just made three-egg spinach, with pidan, xiandan and jidan, again eating it all before managing to take a photo for the catblog...


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