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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Fonda: N-less love

Spicy Fonda wings
One small duck taco
Some guacamole
Flor seca
Miscellaneous stuff from other people's plates
$30 (inc. birthday contributions)

Half the Brazilians in Berkeley celebrated their birthday over the weekend, so I took a break from preparing a presentation for 9 am the next day (after writing precisely one slide) to head to Fonda for a quick one. I turned up at the no-man's-land time of 8:20, 40 minutes before the start of happy hour. The question: order now, or try to hold out for the happy hour menu?

I compromised, by getting a drink and stealing other people's food while waiting for the hour to strike. My flor seca (gin, Chartreuse, hibiscus, orange bitters) tasted garden-fresh, but for nine bucks I would've hoped they'd throw in SAPPHIRE~! instead of regular Bombay (although maybe that would have unbalanced the cocktail blah blah blah). Of my thefts, I particularly liked the cured salmon served with fava beans.

Finally nine rolled around, and we saved a buck on the guacamole, which combined well with the chipotle salsa. We also saved $2.50 on a pair of duck tacos, which also came with a bit of guacamole and a spicier salsa, which were SO GOOD~! but two-bite tiny. The wings I ordered were also excellent and more substantial, if conventional.

A good time was had by all, especially when the Portuguese-speakers were dropping the "n" from Fonda. Would mostly recommend the place for after nine: it's out of my price range otherwise. Have to try the five buck late night cocktails (sadly not including the flor seca) some time when it isn't finals week.

1501 Solano Ave @ Curtis, Albany



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