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Monday, April 30, 2007

Notable edibles: The sorrel and the pity

New dish of the week: sorrel and potato stew. It's more of a fall dish, though. Don't have any convincing sorrel recipes that don't involve potatoes, and new potatoes are still a season away...

If at first you don't succeed: This time I tried cutting away about 3/4 of my artichoke, then steaming it. It turned out a lot better: the outer leaves only had a tiny bit of edible flesh, but once I worked through those, what was left could be eaten without having to spit anything out. 4/10, maybe.

Sandwich of the week: We got take out from Gregoire while watching the Cricket World Cup final. The five of us each had a sandwich while sharing three boxes of the legendary potato puffs (so floury! so deeply fried!) between us. My baguette enveloped slices of grilled chicken breast topped with lemon goat cheese. What a match, unlike the cricket.

Value sandwich(es) of the week: Somehow I missed that Larkin Street, two blocks over from the Opera Plaza (my fave Landmark miniplex), has for three years officially been Little Saigon. Not sure what the demographics are (it's a sketchy area: I think I saw an actual pimp and ho in mid-afternoon, although they may have been ironic), but the well-known Saigon Sandwiches is staffed by Hoa. The $2.50 roast pork sandwich I got there was so much better than the price would suggest that I returned for another on Sunday, after seeing a movie at a theatre nowhere near (the Kabuki, in Japantown). The second time they didn't even have to microwave the meat to warm it up. (Nostalgic aside: best roast pork ever was at El Rincon Boriqua in Spanish Harlem, now apparently back in Puerto Rico. Six bucks for a heap of rice and beans and meat where there's tons of oil, but it was distributed evenly throughout the pork.)

Sometimes the basics are best: the tomato and onion pizza I got from the Cheese Board. No potatoes or cauliflower or what-have-you.

Need to eat here properly some time: Cha-Am: went there for the first time since '04 last week. Only had time for the excellent summer rolls.

East Bakery Project update: Forgot to mention we had the kalamata sourdough loaf from La Farine at my dinner w/ Frankar. Impossibly, it's BETTER than the plain sourdough.


All you non-Yankees are going to a May Day march, right? You should.

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