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Saturday, April 21, 2007

"Cleaning Out My Closet"

Earlier this week at the Yasai Market, opposite the Safeway on College, I got carried away. I returned home carrying a huge bag of vegetables, seemingly too much to finish before they spoiled. So on Wednesday, I decided to cook as much of it as possible. At first my dish was going to be a ragout, but midway through cooking I decided it'd work better as a saute/stir-fry. Included were a couple of snapper fillets, asparagus, turnips, a carrot and green onions. The star attraction, though, was a hefty bag of snap peas. I had a thing against legumes for the longest time, which I think was because I never had the good stuff. And this stuff was fab: there was hardly any string to peel off the fat, fleshy pods. Once again, the comparatively expensive seafood was outshone by the cheaper greens. It's enough to make one consider vegetarianism.

The East Bakery Project: La Farine

This place is just down the block from the Yasai Market. I bought a morning bun and a Sour Batard. The bun was non-notable, well-baked but using sugar in lieu of having actual taste. But OH, the sourdough. It was extremely chewy, with just the right amount of sourness. And the crust was lovely and thin, so it gave the impression of crispness while still being enjoyably masticatable. In the bread division, this'll be hard to beat.

Coming: can mushrooms possibly be worth thirty bucks a pound?

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