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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Top ten: Double play

Finally getting around to Golden Afrique Vol. 2 and The Rough Guide to Astor Piazzolla, I left out a couple of songs for obviousness: Franco & Sam Mangwana's "Coopération (Odongo)", possibly Zaire's most beloved song, and Piazzolla's "Libertango", possibly Argentina's most beloved song. Of course, they weren't obvious enough for me to have heard them before.

1. UGK, "International Player's Anthem": Dre is trampling over established ideas of rap rhythm the way Dylan trampled over established ideas of folk melody. Doesn't explain why he's dressed like Rowdy Piper, but at least he makes up for Pimp C.

2. Nyboma, "Doublé Doublé": This is kind of obvious too, not that many in this hemisphere remember Nyboma or his Kamales for anything but this song.

3. M.I.A., "Boyz": In which she goes humminy humminy over those crazy, war-starting boyz. Will buy (!) the warm album of the year favourite in the next few days.

4. Lil Wayne, "I Feel Like Dying": I heard two teen girls talking about dope dealing on the bus the other day, discussing whether it's better to mix purple with the cheap stuff or sell them separately. Silly, of course you keep them separate.

5. The Apples in Stereo, "7 Stars": Great tune, and Robert Schneider is good enough to carry it.

6. Katharine McPhee, "Too Little Too Late" "Over It": Another good American Idol-related song, bringing the total to three (two by Clarkson). Sorry Clay, you weren't hot enough to get the good tunes.

7. Miranda Lambert, "Dry Town": Yes, I know there's more to country than drinking songs. But screw prohibition.

8, 9. Powerhouse Sound, "2-1-75"; "2-1-75 (For Miles Davis)": This month's Vandermark. Next month: more Vandermark.
10. Lil Wayne, "Live from the 504 (live on Rap City)": A whale in the boat! Greatest rapper alive, nearly!

Ten more: The Apples in Stereo, "Energy"; B.G., "Move Around"; Freeform Five, "No More Conversations"; Scott Hamilton, "Love Letters"; Joseph Kabasele, "Independence Cha Cha Cha"; Miranda Lambert, "Famous in a Small Town"; LCD Soundsystem, "North American Scum"; Astor Piazzolla, "Golazo"; Tabu Ley Rochereau, "Aon-Aon"; Timbaland ft. Justin Timberlake, "Release".

Great video, shame about the song (apart from the "heavy metal" bit): Morningwood, "Nth Degree".



  • At 3:27 AM, Blogger girish said…

    Ooh nice! Thanks for collecting all these in one place, Brad. So much fun.

    I've been obsessively playing the new albums by Miranda Lambert, Apples in Stereo and Fountains of Wayne.


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