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Friday, August 12, 2005

I'd pay to see this

Bustle and Show

An R&B singer (Usher) is tired of the grind of touring and longs to return to his hometown, Chattanooga, and live the simple life as a pimp. But pimping ain't easy - his friend (Sean Combs) tried and failed, and is now a broken man, continually muttering "Finest ass in the world, and I lost it..." To have a chance at succeeding, Ush must get protection by convincing the local gang leader (Clifton Powell) that he's for real, and not just some jive-ass pretty boy. Featuring Joy Bryant as the shy backup singer whom Usher brings out of her shell by whoring her out.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Upon watching the Shaft remake

Jeffrey Wright owns Christian Bale in their scenes together, impressive eh? So how come Wright's still trying to scrape out a movie career in minor character roles? Sure, he's too dangerous for MOR leads (which would be a non-issue if he were whiter - or blacker) but there must be some independent-minded filmmaker who could write something for him? We have Broken Flowers to look forward to, but those of us who can't get to Broadway deserve more of him.