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Friday, July 31, 2009

Uninformative best TV shows of the decade list

I think the UK Office is the only show of which I've watched every episode premiered this decade and thought each one worth my time, so that can be number one.

I think Doctor Who and Futurama are the only other shows of which I've been satisfied by at least two-thirds of all the episodes shown, so they can be numbers two and three. (South Park is at about 60%.)

Despite everyone saying that TV wouldn't suck anymore after The Simpsons and Seinfeld and HBO supposedly changing everything, it still mostly sucks. It's still bloody hard to put out a season of 20+ episodes without resorting to filler. 24 and Veronica Mars both did it in their respective first seasons and while their second seasons were so much mountain lion bait.

Maybe The Wire is as good as people say if you watch the whole thing (the few isolated bits I've seen haven't grabbed me). The Sopranos probably isn't though. Don't talk to me about Lost.

This concludes my contractually obligated one blogpost per month.