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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The official EBV election endorsements (in lieu of voting)

The correct answers for the Cali ballot measures are easy to work out--Libs and Progs agree:

NO on 73 thru 78
YES on 79 and 80

73 is abortion notification. Over and above concerns about abusive parents, the right to choose doesn't belong to grandma and grandpa.

74 is a 5-year probationary period for teachers, during which a school district can fire you without showing cause. Like it isn't hard enough convincing people to teach now.

75 would prevent public workers' voluntary union dues being spent on politics (currently mandatory dues can't be used for these purposes). They want to pass a law stopping the unions from doing their job.

76 is the "give Arnold total control of the state economy" measure. Enough said.

77 is the most convoluted method of redistricting I've ever seen proposed. It would cost millions, and there's no reason to think it would prevent gerrymandering.

78 and 79 both purport to discount prescription prices. Note well that under 78, such discounts will only be offered if the drug companies volunteer. Somehow it seems better not to allow the fate of our pharmaceutical supply to be decided by the goodness of GlaxoSmithKline's heart.

80 is re-regulation of electricity provision. Remember the good old days when California didn't have rolling blackouts? I don't, but I'm assured they existed, so vote yes on this.


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