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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Globe noms are out; Munich, King King get served

Weird list. Early predix:

Drama: Brokeback Mountain. Won't be close.
Drama actress: Charlize Theron is the star, but two in three years? Since it seems like the designated year of the LBGT, maybe Felicity Huffman instead.
Drama actor: Heath Ledger.
Comedy/musical: Walk the Line.
Comedy actress: Reese Witherspoon.
Comedy actor: Joaquin Phoenix.
Foreign: Kung Fu Hustle.
Supporting actress: Close. Rachel Weisz is due.
Supporting actor: Bob Hoskins.
Director: Ang Lee.
Screenplay: Crash.

In terms of the Oscars, unless Spielberg can pull off a late run, it looks like a duel between Brokeback and Walk the Line, with Brokeback the hot-as-Jake Gyllenhaal favourite. Ledger, Witherspoon and maybe Hoskins are already writing their speeches. Supporting actress looks like the most interesting race: Weisz and Michelle Williams might split the Globe and Oscar.


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