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Thursday, February 02, 2006

More wrestling!

Let's get all that unpleasantness out of our heads with some more creative violence.

Tsuruta-Misawa June '90: A legend begets a legend. The great Tsuruta climbs into the ring with an up-and-comer, and All Japan is never the same.

Kawada-Kobashi '98
: These two were Misawa's only peers in the ring, but Misawa got all the opportunities for big matches. This was their time to the shine, for the Triple Crown, no less. Watch how Kawada refuses to fall for Kobashi's hulky shit.

Michaels-Ramon Summerslam '95: Ladder Match II saw the great bump-taker of his time get thrown all over the place. It's also shocking to remember how good Scott Hall was when he was motivated. (The whole thing does make more sense if you've seen Ladder Match I.)

Benoit/Angle-Edge/Mysterio No Mercy '02: The great technicians Benoit and Angle connect Mysterio's spots and make Edge look like the Next Big Thing, in the best U.S. tag match ever.

HHH-Michaels-Benoit Mania '04
: A sentimental favourite for a lot of people (see URL). At the time it was the only great 3-way ever, possibly because it was the first time the crowd took submissions seriously in that kind of match.


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