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Thursday, February 23, 2006

The Pillars of Paulettism I & II; or, Who needs theory? I do

Jeremiah Kipp's interview with blog-hater Charles Taylor on Matt Zoller Seitz's blog has sparked yet more hee-hawing about Mission to Mars, as well as giving me somewhat more interesting things to think about. For now let me sketch two of the Pillars of Paulettism: "pop" and "culture".

"Pop" is taken as much much better than "not pop", because it's democratic and because it's fun. It can be kiss-kiss or bang-bang, as long as it isn't at odds with secular humanism (the ground beneath the Pillars, a given.)

"Culture" means artists and critics have a responsibility to relate the artwork to the wider world. It's not just a horror film, it's a horror film about what it means to be alive at a particular point in time and space! Kael, though, would never have put it so pretentiously.

In summary, there's more to life than movies! I just wish the rest of it was as exciting as Band of Outsiders!


I don't get the whole "death of film culture" vibe at all. Maybe it's youth. But I have no problem finding a hundred new releases to see every year, and I like half of them. And there's no shortage of good writing on these movies if you know where to look (hint: the sidebar). The complaints seem to be a chorus of "Oh, why can't I find a soulmate who appreciates the genius of Apichatpong Weerasethakul as much as I do?" (Don't look at me, I think he's merely extremely gifted.)


Other news: Wellspring is ending its distribution business. Fuck. And the Voice is falling apart. (I'm less worried about the NY Press falling apart because they've been doing so forever.)


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