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Friday, March 03, 2006

Best confessional criticism in many a moon

Ella Taylor on family life in contemporary cinema. Yes, more melodrama! More downsized breadwinners turning to lives of crime! Please.


Speaking of which, while I can hardly dispute the top two picks of TSPDT's list of the 21st Century's most acclaimed films, I'm gutted that Time Out only comes in at #56 (c.f. fucking In the Bedroom at #26: I absolutely cannot comprehend anyone finding this reasonable little movie richer than Time Out, and it's hardly the worst offender). Don't believe them, believe my Millennium Movie List, cuz my picks are slightly less pretentious, and much funnier (deeper too, if that matters). Anyway, I've seen 170-something of their top 250, hitting at over 90% near the top of the list, falling to 50% near the bottom. Some of the ones I haven't seen I've skipped for good reason (you don't really expect me to see Match Point, do you?) Others I'll get around to sooner rather than later -- like #94, Werckmeister Harmonies, after six years finally out on DVD!


Guy Maddin on Blue Velvet. Pity about the Voice space crush.


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