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Friday, April 28, 2006

Bad cricket statistics

Come on, everyone knows the standard deviation isn't resistant to outliers, so Brian Lara gets punished for two of the greatest innings of all time. A simpler, sensible measure of consistency, as the word is understood, is percentage of innings that results in 50s. For 5500+ run batsmen:

Bradman 53%
Barrington 42%
Richards, Dravid, Hutton, Kallis 38%
Inzamam, Ponting, Gavaskar 37%
Chappell, Tendulkar, Lara 36%

and at the other end:

Hooper 23%
Jayasuriya 25%
Stewart, de Silva 26%
Gibbs, Hussain 27%

A better measure of inconsistency would be percentage of single figure scores, which someone else can do.


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