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Thursday, May 04, 2006

The second decent villanelle in the history of English

When I say I don't write poetry, rhymes don't count.

He fell down with a mighty crash upon
The grave, and roused the sleeping ghost
Of Serafina Haberdasheron.

"You bastard, leave before I thrash your Mom!"
The spirit scowled, as hailstones most
Hard fell down with a mighty crash upon.

"I swear," he cried, "it's not some trashy con,"
"I came to raise a royal toast
To Serafina Haberdasheron!"

But from his bowl all the goulash had gone.
The cream, paprika, and the roast
Had fell down with a mighty crash upon.

"You foolish man, I ought to smash a tonne
Of bricks on you!" The metric boast
Of Serafina Haberdasheron!

Just like in Kurosawa's Rashomon,
Uncertain's truth. Believed by most:
He fell down with a mighty crash upon
Cruel Serafina Haberdasheron.

The masochistic may find context here.


Noted without comment: "I heard a rumour that Nick Keesing and Brad Luen(I think thats his name) were running together to be co-editors of craccum next year. they have my vote. what a dream-team." -- boywonder, June 29, 2005.


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