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Saturday, April 29, 2006

"Phallocentric chicks: they dig guys with big wars"

I've been remiss in underpromoting National Poetry Month: cheerleading is kinda my responsibility as one of the three people in the nation who read but do not write contemporary poetry (and the other two are Ted Kooser fans). I therefore direct you to the litmus test of the poetry blogosphere, the work of Drew Gardner.

Once it's understood that a necessary goal of the Flarf movement is to inspire hysterical attacks by earnest moon/Juners, the overreaction to fairly mild critiques of their methods becomes logical. But never fear: the history of transgressive art tells us that in a few years, profs will be finding sub-subtext in lines like

What a woman really wants is a war-mongering Republican
who turns out in the end to be a pacifist (to her).

probably by taking them literally.

Summary: You Language Poets are so last generation.


NFL Draft kudos to the Eagles for picking up Brodrick Bunkley at 14 and Winston Justice at 39: best D-line and second-best O-line prospects in the mix. The Texans are in a lose-lose: in 10 years when at least one, probably two of Young/Leinart/Bush are all-timers, they'll look pretty chickenshit.


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