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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

England vs Sweden liveblog!

Thoughts from a wavering England fan:

1 min: Shit.

I'm a defender of Sven, but only picking two fit strikers seems more and more idiotic as the tournament goes on, miracle foot or no miracle foot. Well, it looks like we're not gonna see Owen again in this tournament.

3 min: And here comes Crouch. Surely we'll get to see young Theo today.

17 min: Jeez, the team is just so much better with Rooney. Owen probably would've scored four today.

20 min: Crouch actually wins a high ball and passes to Rooney! Historic.

33 min: 1-0 England! S!DYST! Keeper should've done better, but still, Joe Cole must have a foot like a traction engine! Deserves it, he's been England's most consistent offensive force this tournament.

Half-time: So will the English press stop whining now? Don't bet on it.

Paraguay's up 1-0, which means it's pretty sure we'll get Germany-Sweden and England-Ecuador next. As I've said, England really, really should win. Should.

49 min: 1-1! And from a set piece at that! No miracle clearance this time.

56 min: Oooh, now it's getting interesting. Sweden have moved up a gear.

Also: Sol Campbell! Ooh ooh!

80 min: They're all still trying. It's gonna be a draw though.

85 min: 2-1 England! Wrong again. Gerrard owes Joe Cole a drink, but so does everyone else in the team.

90 min: 2-2! Huh. All these late goals this tournament, they're annoying, can't go back to sleep. The woeful defending here means Fleet Street will have something to whine about after all.

Full time: It was fun, I suppose.


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