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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

State of play: 14th June

Players of the moment: Sami Al-jaber came on as a sub for Saudi Arabia and immediately scored what should have the winning goal against Tunisia. Fernando Torres inspired a excellent-looking Spanish team and slid home a sweet goal. Artur Boruc kept the Germans out of the Polish goal until stoppage time.
Three-toed sloth of the moment: You think I've dissed Ronaldo enough for now? No? Didn't think so.

Group F: Brazil 1 Croatia 0
Croatia played pretty and even though Australia look better, they'd need a ton of luck to prevent a Brazilian win. So don't panic yet, except about Ronaldo.

Group G: South Korea 2 Togo 1, France 0 Switzerland 0
The complexion of the group hasn't changed much, it's just that everyone's a little worse than we thought. France better fucking score against South Korea though.

Group H: Spain 4 Ukraine 0, Tunisia 2 Saudi Arabia 2
Spain will have it even easier than I thought. Tunisia vs Saudi Arabia sounded entertaining, but they suck and so does the Ukraine, and none of them deserve to progress any further. Wide open as to who will, Ukraine probably are the best but I don't want to pick because of the goal difference, and I don't want to pick the Saudis because they didn't have the gamesmanship to hang on today. That leaves Tunisia.

Group A: Germany 1 Poland 0
Fun fun finish to this game. It seems Germany can't play good offense and good defence in the same game, but fuck it, they've got six points, you don't.

Predictions after one game apiece (changes of teams in bold, changes of order in italics):
A: Germany 1, Ecuador 2
B: England 1, Paraguay 2
C: Argentina 1, Holland 2 (coinflip for the order)
D: Mexico 1, Portugal 2
E: Czechia 1, Italy 2
F: Brazil 1, Australia 2
G: France 1, Switzerland 2
H: Spain 1, Tunisia 2 (three-sided coinflip for second)

Best team of the round: Czech Republic
Most impressive: Mexico
Least impressive: Based only on first games, Poland. If you include Poland's better performance today, then the USA.
Best player: Shaka Hislop
Best goal: Rosicky's second (w/ Nedved) against the Americans
Worst referee: Marco Gonzalez, England vs Paraguay
Thickest hooligans: England, since their fans threw stuff after a WIN.
Final prediction: No change, still Brazil over Germany.

Coming up: If England really are contenders they should beat Trinidad and Tobago around 3-0 tomorrow. If they're not they'll get an early one goal lead then switch to Sven's preferred 10-0-0 formation.


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