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Saturday, June 10, 2006

State of play: 10th June

Players of the moment: Shaka Hislop came in at the last minute to keep for Trinidad and Tobago and shut out the Swedes. Paulo Wanchope scored twice in a losing effort for Costa Rica.
Goat of the moment: Justo Villar kept for eight minutes for Paraguay before coming off crying. In that short time he managed to let in the winning goal.

Group A: Germany 4 Costa Rica 2, Ecuador 2 Poland 0
Ecuador is clearly in the box seat for the second spot. They'll try to wrap it up with a win against Costa Rica on Thursday, but even a draw would leave them with an edge.

Group B: England 1 Paraguay 0, Sweden 0 Trinidad & Tobago 0
England should be criticised, but unlike Sweden they got the job done. Given their lack of positivity today in a losing situation, Paraguay might well play for a draw against Sweden and take their chances against Trinidad, while relying on the Swedes producing no more than a draw against England. Since that strategy has a good chance of working, I'm staying away from the Paraguay-Sweden game.

Group C: Argentina 2, Ivory Coast 1
A very good result for Argentina. It seems the Ivory Coast are a good team who won't have much to write home about once the competition gets serious.

Coming up: Tomorrow my "Iran is really that good" theory gets put to the test against Mexico; Monday sees what all non-America-haters (yes, some football fans fall in this category) acknowledge as the match of the round, as the U.S.A. face the Czechs.


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