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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

State of play: 12th June

Players of the moment: Tomas Rosicky scored two goal of the tournament contenders for the Czechs. Coming on as a substitute, Tim Cahill scored twice and saved the Australian's asses. Arjen Robben powered Holland's easier-than-the-scoreline-suggests victory over Serbia & Montenegro, while Omar Bravo did the same for Mexico.
Goats of the moment: Team USA's defence was exposed by the Czechs as second-rate.

Group C: Seems pretty clear-cut at the moment; it just depends whether Holland or Argentina come top. The spirited challenge of the Ivory Coast and the so-so challenge of Serbia & Montenegro don't look like they'll be enough.

Group D: Mexico 3 Iran 1, Portugal 1 Angola 0
After taking the full three points off Iran, Mexico must be now favourites to top the group. Portugal can book their place this Saturday, but Iran have a puncher's chance.

Group E: Czech Republic 3 USA 0, Italy 2 Ghana 0
Alright, so it's not looking like a Group of Death, given that the Americans semm like they were never alive.

Group F: Australia 3 Japan 1
Big lead for the Aussies in the race for second. Japan, after folding like an umbrella, need more luck than they'll get to qualify.

Coming up: Tomorrow -- Our first chance to second-guess Brazil. Wednesday -- Spain show us that this time around they mean business, or maybe they become an international embarrassment.


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