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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Non-football things

Best new album I've heard this year: Sonic Youth's Rather Ripped. I gushed over Murray Street, and this is 100% successful at what Murray Street was 90% successful at: a little noise in a grown-up context, and tunes, tunes, tunes.

Best new novel I've read this year: Ali Smith's The Accidental. Nobody's pulled off the different narrators/different styles trick better since, I don't know when, I'm tempted to say Faulkner, it's that sharp, flat and natural. There's even a freaking sonnet sequence in there that doesn't completely suck. Plus, finally, a justification for Pasolini!

Best new person I've met this year: You know who you are.

Best ironic salsa dancing method: The "hide behind a pillar" technique, narrowly beating the hip thrust.

OK, one football thing: If you have to play Hargreaves then right back is a good place to put him, but c'mon Sven.


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