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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

A meaningless win, a boring draw

  • Holland must be really confident that, at full strength, they can beat Portugal, or else they're really looking forward to England in the quarters, 'cuz they weren't trying to attack at all today. Portugal looking very sharp today, that should be a good 'un.
  • Seriously, there has to be more incentive for teams to win the group, like a bye through the next round or something.
  • And the yellow cards are wrecking the tournament. With the refs giving out five a game, many first choice players are on the bench. Come on FIFA, make the suspension requirement yellows in consecutive games. Bright side: we got to see more of Messi and Tevez. Limitation: they didn't play very deep.

Coming soon: The EBV Every Game Ever Monte Carlo Odds!


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