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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Les Enfants du paradis: The Science of Sleep vs Marie Antoinette

Visuals (sexiness of stars)
TSoS: Charlotte Gainsbourg's sexiness is not just ignored by everyone in the movie, it's actively opposed. Still, there's Gael.
MA: That Jason Schwartzman is unprepossessing is at least a joke. Meanwhile, Kirsten Dunst get to have an affair with a hot Swede.
Winner: The Science of Sleep

Visuals (sexiness of objects)
TSoS: Gainsbourg looks hottest when she's transformed into a skiing, woven Lauri Faggioni doll. The cardboard and glue look is cute, the wish upon a star/"it's aliiive" horse is cuter.
MA: I prefer the foot to the footwear, so it's impressive that the movie let me feel how fucking awesome having dozens of pairs of colored shoes is. Also: food, gambling and Versailles.
Winner: Marie Antoinette

TSoS: In lieu of character development, we get an ambiguous ending. I'm not so keen on it... OR AM I?
MA: The Serious Point is that Louis's and Marie's arrested development leaves them incapable of rule. But though said seriousness is competently executed, it doesn't resonate, because what precedes it is too much fun.
Winner: irrelevant

Tiebreaker: usefulness of narcissism
TSoS: Yz, of Gael -- "He only gets away with it because he's cute." Some of the time even that's not enough.
MA: Makes self-involvement seem as fun as it should be. Who doesn't want to be the girl with the most cake?
Winner: Marie Antoinette



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