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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

A Roots CD-R sampler

Mostly chronological, with some front-loading.

1. "The Seed (2.0)": Some people need to cheat to be aroused. Some need to procreate.
2. "Don't Say Nuthin'": Misheard lyric: "Give him head, and don't say nuthin'." More evidence that vocalists shouldn't enunciate.
3. "You Got Me": It's Badu's song, though Eve nearly steals it. Eve knows her real competition is the mic (or turntables/keyb etc.), so she has to tease that a baller's interested, just to keep her man on his toes.
4, 5, 6. "Mellow My Man", "Respond/React", "Clones": To make smoothness compelling requires mad skills, which the early Roots had some of the time.
7. "Act Too (Love of My Life)"
8. "Proceed" (live): Never having seen them, I'm suspicious of how the common description of them as the best live crew in hip hop usually occurs near "they play their own instruments", but parts of their live album make it seem tenable that they deserve their rep.
9. "Quills": On Phrenology, probably their best album, on they shared their discovery of sex and rock & roll, soon dropping the latter for drug funk.
10. "Break You Off" (dub): From Home Grown 2, a beginner's guide to understanding the Roots less.
11. "Star"
12, 13, 14. "False Media", "Don't Feel Right", "Long Time": Retro as postmodernism is so 1981. Still processing Game Theory, which at this early stage is up there with Phrenology, but for now I'm happy to steal Jeff Chang's picks*.
15. "Why (What's Going On)/In Love with the Mic/Din Da Da"

*Are Blender's recommended downloads chosen by the credited writers or by the editors? The former would make more sense, but the picks sometimes seem inconsistent with the main review.

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