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Monday, December 11, 2006


Right, one more post about end-of-year music list nerdism, then it's time for end-of-year movie list nerdism.

For each song in 99 Lives, I've made a best guess as to on whose recommendation I first longlisted the track. The breakdown is:

51: Xgau
9: S/FJ
7: Tom Hull
4: Eirik Blegeberg, Tom Breihan, Matos, Chris Monsen
3: Nate Patrin, Popjustice
2: Jess Harvell, Keith Harris
1: Pazz & Jop, Chuck Eddy, Yyzz, Alastair Johnston, Acclaimed Music, KCRW

Norwegian-to-feminine ratio: 8 to 1.

That Christgau dominates despite his Fall-long underemployment shows I'm a total drone, but it's for good reason. You can argue about who was the best movie critic ever -- Kael? Bazin? Farber? Taubin? -- but there's no argument that Christgau's the best rock critic, though if Lester Bangs had lived or Greg Tate wrote about music more regularly, it might be close.

Christgau's Consumer Guide has been resurrected at MSN, of all places. The Dud of the Month is, as usual, the most fun thing to read. The rest of the column is more useful.

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