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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

We need a resolution

Note: the following entry is even more self-serving than usual. You really should be reading Greg Tate's eulogy for James Brown, even more staggering than the one he wrote for Richard Pryor.

My primary New Year's Resolution is simple: get to know the Nineties better. They should have been my formative years, and technically they were, but I spent most of them sulking. I barely went into a movie theatre, rarely bought albums that weren't in the $2 bin at Real Groovy, and only read what I was assigned. Some things I've caught up on, others I haven't. This year, then.

My secondary resolution is to knock off the top of my list of movies I should be embarrassed I've haven't seen. Here are a few (omitting others I really am embarrassed I've haven't seen):

Andrei Rublev
Barry Lyndon

The Conformist
The Mirror
The Night of the Hunter
Rio Bravo
La Strada

Thirdly, learn to cook properly. This should also be fun, though harder.


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