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Saturday, July 07, 2007

June meals

Things I cooked last month, not counting staples like toast or pasta unless I jazzed them up a bit. Asterisk denotes something actually good.

Moroccan carrot salad
Fennel pasta with anchovies
Sauteed chard with lemon and chili
*Mushed potato with sorrel sauce
Asparagus with mustard mayonnaise
Fennel, artichoke and parmesan salad
Broiled corn-on-the-cob
*Broiled ivory king salmon with tomatillo, zucchini and glazed shallots
Fava bean and salmon eye soup
*Teriyaki trout
Green and cannelini bean salad with shiitakes
Shiitake pasta gratin
Sauteed corn and parsley
Sardine, pea and fava bean ragout
*Tomato salad
Poached ivory king salmon
Greek salad
Yellow squash and leftover duck saute with garlic and basil



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