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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Top eleven: World town

I have a proper top ten half-written on my currently non-functional laptop. Accept this in the interim.

1-4. M.I.A., "Paper Planes"; "Jimmy"; "Bamboo Banga"; "Hussel": You wish you could take some native's job, like immigrants are supposed to? Give it up: it's more fun to jack that fool.

5-8. Gogol Bordello, "Ultimate"; "American Wedding"; "Dub the Frequencies of Love"; "Forces of Victory": They are today! They are tomorrow! Where's the vodka! Where's the marinated herring! Like a best friend could! Like a brother would! He can't go on! He'll go on.

9-11. Manu Chao, "Rainin' in Paradize"; "Tristeza Maleza"; "A Cosa": If you think it's tough, man, come to Africa. But just like any other country it'll break you.



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