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Monday, November 12, 2007

Top ten: Whatever doesn't kill them

1. Mark Ronson ft. Amy Winehouse, "Valerie": Poor Amy. You can hear her tremendous upside when she gets a track that moves at a decent clip.

2. Kanye West ft. Daft Punk, "Stronger": He falls into the valedictorian's trap, spouting platitudes. But he can't tell you nothing better than most.

3. Los Campesinos!, "We Throw Parties, You Throw Knives": Making cherryade-fueled pretentious pop is as easy as dancing.

4. Jewels and Binoculars, "It's Alright Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)": Big deal, anyone can find the melody in a Dylan song -- but this one?
5. Amy Winehouse, "Rehab": Poor, poor Amy. She went, went, went and should've stayed longer.

6. Common ft. Lily Allen, "Drivin' Me Wild": Ms Allen does not need your sympathy.

7. Basement Jaxx ft. Roxanne Shante, "Make Me Sweat": "She received her PhD in psychology from Cornell -- paid for by her record label via an unusual contract clause -- and has a practice in Queens. She is a vegan and owns Hip-Hop Ices ice cream parlor in Queens."
8. Eve, "Tambourine": In which Swizz Beatz smashes said percussion instrument over your head.

9. Common, "The People": He wants to live like common people. Tourists love everybody.

10. Dude 'N Nem, "Watch My Feet": Video of the year.

Ten more: Cassie, "Me & You"; DJ Koze, "My Grandmotha"; The Gothic Archies, "Crows"; Jewels and Binoculars, "If You See Her, Say Hello"; Public Enemy, "Flavor Man", "Harder Than You Think"; Rilo Kiley, "Breakin' Up"; Saffire: The Uppity Blues Women, "How Can I Say I Miss You"; David Torn, "Miss Place, The Mist"; Kanye West, "Champion".

Good but not that good: Sara Bareilles, "Love Song"; Jarvis Cocker, "Running the World"; Hot Chip, "And I Was a Boy from School"; Joe Lovano & Hank Jones, "Lady Luck"; Thunderbirds Are Now!, "Why We War".



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