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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Favourite cartoons by year: Steamboat Willie (1928)

Because these days I don't have time to watch features, let alone blog about them.

Walt: So Pete gets mad at Mickey, Minnie gets on the boat, then what happens?
Ub: They play "Turkey in the Straw".
Walt: Then what?
Ub: Mickey throws a potato at the parrot, and that's the end.
Walt: That's it?
Ub: That it.
Walt: What about the jokes?
Ub: Let's see... we get to look down Minnie's underwear. That's funny, right?
Walt: Um...
Ub: And Mickey grabs a cat and swings it around over his head.
Walt: Uh, Ub...
Ub: Oh yeah, and there are lots of teats and udders, and sometimes Mickey gets to poke them.
Walt: Look, Ub, I don't know if the public will go for sexual violence.
Ub: You look, Walt. You think you can draw this thing?
Walt: ...
Ub: Well, do you?
Walt: No, Ub. Sorry.
Ub: Goodbye Walt, I've got pictures to draw. (Walks out.)
Walt: Goddamn Ub. Doesn't know what real comedy is. (Draws picture of duck in blackface.)



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