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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Infernal Affairs II: Back into hell [DVD note]

Starring Anthony Wong Chau-sang, Eric Tsang Chi-wai, Edison Chen, Shawn Yu Man-lok
Written by Alan Mak Siu-fai and Felix Chong Man-keung
Directed by Andrew Lau Wai-keung and Alan Mak Siu-fai

(Scene: Officer Wong's office. Triad comer Sam is eating takeaways, while Wong is smoking.)

Sam: Well, here we are at the beginning of Infernal Affairs II. Apparently we're friends this time.

Wong: Well yeah, it's a prequel. You know how it's going to turn out--at first we respect each other, but then you drift into greater brutality, and I realise what the triads are capable of. Where are Alan and Tony?

Sam: We know this is going to be a blockbuster, so we might as well save the salaries for part three. We've got Edison and Shawn instead.

Wong: OK, I can go with Edison turning into Alan, but pissy little Shawn into Tony?

Sam: Yeah, well on the bright side, trying to act like Tony Leung can only be good for your performance. Plus, more screen time for us!

Wong: Good, as long as we don't have to explain why Tony's membership in the leading triad family is never mentioned in the first movie.

Sam: Or why, that being the case, I'd let him anywhere near me. Anyway, with him out of the way, I own this movie.

Wong: Dude, I get the big tragic scene.

Sam: Yeah, you're good in it, but big tragic scenes are lame. I get all the cool little tragic moments.

Wong: Well as long as you admit I was better in the first one. Besides, this one isn't about the acting, it's about the cross-cutting.

(Cut to Sam's living room.)

Mary: It sure is!

(Back to Wong's office.)

Wong: Who was that?

Sam: Mary.

Wong: I love Carina Lau, but isn't she a little old to be playing the young Sammi Cheng?

Sam: No, this Mary is my wife.

Wong: The writers couldn't think of a new name?

Sam: It's complicated. And lame.

Wong: At least she wasn't on a rooftop.

Sam: This one has lots of posh mansions and dark alleys. It's contrast! This is especially cool in the huge centerpiece massacre.

Wong: Guess the directors have watched the Godfather movies to many times.

(Cut to offices of the New Yorker.)

Ghost of Pauline Kael: Hey, you can't watch the Godfather movies too many times. Except the third one.

(Back to Wong's office.)

Sam: Lady's got a point.

Wong: Well, we better get on with the movie. At least we know we'll live through this one.

Sam: Yeah, lot of good that'll do us.



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