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Sunday, October 30, 2005

November at the PFA

Looks like a particularly good month. The Peckinpah series, including Ride the High Country on the 4th and The Wild Bunch on the 18th, runs on Fridays, my designated night for doing my Peckinpah imitation (getting drunk a fights). The ongoing Tuesday night Alternative Visions programme brings out the big guns: Brakhage's Pittsburgh Trilogy on the 8th, including his infamous dissection of autopsies The Act of Seeing with one's own eyes, and Michael Snow's La RĂ©gion centrale on the 15th. Meanwhile there's a Pagnol series--the double feature of Harvest and The Baker's Wife on Friday 25th should be worth being sober for--as well as Taisho Chic on Screen, a collection of Japanese '20s and '30s works, focusing on the then-emerging generation of Americanised kimono-burning women. Don't know what the highlights of this programme are, but I appreciate the chance to finally see a Naruse film, with more opportunities coming--they're planning on shipping Film Forum's retro here early next year.


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