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Monday, March 13, 2006

Poll results!

Everyone knows that George Herriman is the greatest of Komic Kreators. Who's #2?

Walt Kelly 33%
Jack Kirby 33%
Alan Moore 33%

Total votes: 3 (2 of which were mine)

Some light research has convinced me it's Kelly, whose funny animals in Pogo were making fun of McCarthy and Nixon eight years before George Clooney was even born. Pogo's Presidential Campaign of 1952 set a then record number of votes for a fictional character (a record since broken by Ronald Reagan). The density impresses: most comics have one joke per strip; in Pogo the gags often outnumbered the panels, and they ranged from daring political satire to atrocious slapstick, all written in punned Twainese ("Deck us all with Boston Charlie/Walla Walla Wash., an' Kalamazoo!"). Find the 1959 anthology Ten Even-Lovin' Blue-Eyed Years with Pogo if you can, or else get the more recent Pogo Files for Pogophiles. Anyway, the lack of interest from the electorate has persuaded me to experiment with comments, which are enabled for a limited time.

In preparation for SFIAAFF'06~!, I need to get ahead of my work, so posting will be light until Friday. In the interim, you might like to entertain yourselves with a pair of outstanding pieces of conceptual art, Pac-Mondrian and MC Hammer's blog (which as far as I can tell is too legit). If you prefer works with a multitude of concepts, go and read my favourite essay, A.J. Liebling's "Ahab and Nemesis", several times.


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