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Sunday, July 09, 2006

So what did Materazzi do to Zidane?

The Guardian suggests it was a nipple tweak. Italy owe even more to Buffon than you might think, since he was the one who really pressed the case for the red card. Oh well, the better team on the day lost but the best team of the tournament won.

Tournament team (unlike FIFA's, mine actually includes players from outside the major powers and doesn't have a token Englishman):

Keeper: Buffon (Italy). Also: Joao Ricardo (Angola), Boruc (Poland).
Defence: Lahm (Germany), Cannavaro (Italy), Zambrotta (Italy). Also: Marquez (Mexico).
Midfield: Zidane (France), Appiah (Ghana), Riquelme (Argentina), C. Ronaldo (Portugal). Also: Essien (Ghana), Vieira (France), Ballack (Germany), Gattuso (Italy).
Attack: Klose (Germany), Shevchenko (Ukraine), Henry (France). Also: Tevez (Argentina), Podolski (Germany), Torres (Spain), Wanchope (Costa Rica).

Player of the torunament: Zidane was unearthly against Brazil and Buffon pulled great save after great save, but Miroslav Klose played the largest number of brilliant games. Last World Cup he deserved a Golden Head; at least now has a Golden Shoe to stick in his closet.


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